Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

Rogers Cadet 3 - Valve Audio Amplifier

        Pictured below is a pristine example (serial no. 86358) of the once popular Rogers Cadet III  - a budget, yet impressively engineered, 20 watt, integrated, stereo, vacuum tube amplifier comprising RIAA equalizaton. Production of these units began in 1964 and ended in 1970 when the company (Rogers Developments Ltd.) turned its skills to crafting the next generation of hi-fi components using solid state technology.

        Powered by four Mullard ECL86 triode-pentodes and a substantial power supply, the amplifier produces a clear, warm, dulcet sound assuming absolute control over  loudspeaker driver units; equipped with a complete set of seven replacement n. o. s. tubes, the unit shown is highly desirable among collectors.