Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifiers


         Picture frame wall grips 'Grippeaz' are used to stabilize framed, wall suspended articles such as mirrors, paintings & photographs: they do not replace existing cords or hooks - these remain in place. 

       Wall mounted articles often tilt laterally owing to a variety of reasons & this can become irritating.  Two Grippeaz are required to stabilize each item of wall furniture, one component placed horizontally to each of the two lower corners of any single item by simply peeling off the protective cover on the flat, rectangular surface to expose the adhesive; nothing else is required & the placement is permanent.  Grippeaz do not actively adhere to wall surfaces; this allowes any wall mounted item to be freely removed & replaced; furthermore, owing to a slight clearance created between the lower frame & wall, unsightly wall markings that would otherwise appear are avoided, thus maintaining a comparatively clean appearance on any attractive & delicate covering.

       The picture frame wall grip component is made of a very soft, pliable substance of dimensions, 40mm long x 8mm wide x 5mm high with a 2.5mm diameter hole passing through its entire length.  The height of the component is curved, so its cross-sectional area is 'D' shaped; the reason for this curved surface is to ensure that no matter what the angle of approach (wall contact), the component will provide maximum surface grip, id est, some items with a longer cord may hang off the wall at a greater angle than those with a tighter fixing.  The reason for the internal 'collapsible' hole is to increase the device's flexibility, thus enabling it to mould itself more effectively to any wall surface, & in so doing, improve its purchase even under mild preasure.


       When dusting any of the aforementioned articles of wall furniture, we advise that a little inward pressure be exerted with one hand to the lower frame in order to further compress the Grippeaz against the wall & thus avoiod movement.

        Grippeaz have been designed & produced entirely within the United Kingdom.