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Anion Air Ionizer - Negative Ion Generator

       We are a team of electronics engineers introducing the versatile, anion generator pictured below.  It is an effective, negative air ionizing product for home, office & holiday use, & an ideal addition in any baby room.  The device can operate in a number of European countries thereby making it a useful holiday 'companion'.  Device dimensions: 31/2" x 2" x 1" .

       Anion generators create negatively charged atoms (anions) which subsequently circulate in the surrounding air & in so doing vastly assist in the elimination of pollen, dust, dust mites, fibre, pet dander & other airborne pollutants known as particulates; this in turn gives rise to a healthier, more comfortable living environment typically associated with anion rich air.  Large quantities of anions exist naturally at waterfalls, pine forests, seashores & mountains; hence the reason why such locations heighten our sense of well-being. 

       We feel that our product is particularly well suited to children & the more mature alike in that it functions very quietly - so facilitating sleep during night operation - it incorporates a soothing night-light & counteracts the harmful cation emissions that emanate from computer monitors, mobile 'phones & other such devices which can all contribute to operator fatigue.  The unit functions by principle of corona discharge; it requires & contains no moving parts since this principle of operation induces an electric wind (a region of plasma) which promptly ionizes surrounding air.  The anion output level is adequate (approx. 1.5 million per cubic 25/64" per sec @ 1") & the unit itself plugs directly into a mains wall socket, via the adaptor provided, thus taking up very little room space, yet effectively contributing toward healthier, fresher, living conditions & aiding restful sleep.  In addition the device produces a smidgen of ozone gas as a supplementary freshen-up.  The ionizer must not be activated in a damp, steamy bathroom.  The running cost of the device is a fraction of that for a domestic light bulb (around 3W) & no replacement parts are required.  The area a single device can amply cleanse is 100sq. feet, eg. 10ft. x 10ft., 5ft. x 20ft., 4ft. x 25ft. &c.  Doors & windows should be closed whilst the device is in operation.

         The  smaller the physical size of a particulate, the deeper into the lungs it will penetrate once inhaled - not a healthy prospect, since the process is cumulative.  The ionizer eliminates particulates from the air having dimensions down to 0.004 microns or 0.0000001575" (viral size).  It achieves this by pouring anions into a room which in turn attract, capture & combine with hovering, microscopic particles of dust, soot, fibre, toxic organic compounds & other litter; in so doing, the mass of each increases to a degree such that gravity prevails inducing the particulates to settle on the floor & surrounding surfaces wherefrom they can be cleared away.  The device also acts as a dust magnet drawing airborne impurities toward its metal plate; the plate surface should be gently brushed clean fortnightly to monthly using a soft brush.  Do not force the brush through the apertures & ensure the ionizer is switched off during cleaning.

       We sell this product exclusively to consumers residing in the United Kingdom - we do not export.  The cost of a single device, inclusive of recorded postage, is £16.  To purchase one of our anion generators, please click on the following, 'Buy Now - Anion'.  A one year warranty is given & every unit is inspected & tested prior to dispatch.

       The product meets with European safety requirements & bears the seal of European conformity (CE).

       Should you have any questions, please 'Contact' us. 

       Prospective buyers are advised to look up portable document formats (pdf's) outlining the effects of negative ions on human health; this in order to provide additional useful & independent information.  Such documents can be accessed via the internet.

        Note: We have found that anions do not neutralize gaseous substances such as tobacco smoke or odours emitted by chemicals, refuse, fossil fuel by-products, pets, food products - cooking &c.: ozone however does counteract these & more, including existent viruses & bacteria, 'though anions, to a lesser degree, also check the latter.  For details of our effective little ozone mechanism, please click on the following, 'Oxyzone'.