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     The ozone generator pictured below is a wonderful air purifying product for the home which serves to support a cleaner, fresher & healthier living environment: it creates a truly uplifting, ethereal freshness.  Ozone output: variable from 0.000353oz/h to 0.00176oz/h - approximately 10mg/h to 50mg/h..

     The unit comprises a small, internal fan to dissipate the enriched pure oxygen generated, it uses only a fraction of the power required by a domestic light bulb & can amply clear an area of 150 sq. ft., eg. 10ft. x 15ft., 6ft. x 25ft. &c.  We sell this product exclusively to consumers residing in the United Kingdom - we do not export.

     Ozone generators produce an allotropic variety of oxygen associated with electric discharges, a classic example being the healthy, clean, fresh & uplifting sensation we all experience shortly after an electrical weather storm.  

     Ozone neutralizes unpleasant odours & noxious gases such as those emitted by fossil fuel by-products, tobacco & oil smoke, refuse, bilge, chemicals, stale fabrics, pets, food products - cooking &c.; in so doing it creates a cleaner, fresher & healthier atmosphere in which to work or relax.  Ozone is the ultimate, natural air freshening & disinfecting component.

     Ozone molecules consist of three oxygen atoms (O3) as opposed to the ubiquitous (O2) which hover around us in endless abundance.  The third oxygen atom is volatile (unstable & short-lived), but it is this third atom which penetrates & neutralizes odour; expiring itself in the process, it leaves behind an essential oxygen (O2) molecule.

     Ozone kills bacteria & viruses: it is an airborne disinfectant. Bacteria are killed by ozone molecules breaking through the bacterial cell membranes causing total cell destruction.  Viruses are killed by ozone molecules diffusing through their protein coat & penetrating the nucleic acid core resulting in severe damage of the viral ribo-nucleic acid.

     To purchase one of our ozone generators, please click on the following,'Buy Now - Ozone'.  The cost of a single device, inclusive of recorded postage, is £23; a one year warranty is also included & every unit is checked over & tested prior to dispatch. 

     We advise that the ozone generator be switched-off within thirty minutes after having eliminated unwanted odours; do not leave the unit switched-on whilst asleep in the same room & keep any pets outdoors or in a seperate area.  The aforementioned are precautions that need only be observed when the regulator wheel is advanced beyond the minimum setting in a purified environment.  Keep the device away from children, & any room in which it is activated should be lightly ventilated if occupied.  Please note, that a slight increase in the average level of ozone present in air, is by far preferable to inhaling the contaminants it eliminates.

     The product meets with European safety requirements & bears the seal of European conformity (CE).  We hold a copy of the official certificate.

     Should you have any questions, please 'Contact' us.  We have received an encouraging number of favourable consumer comments regarding this little ozone generating product.

      For those individuals who smoke indoors, we advise that the unit be switched-on ten minutes prior to commencement; it should then be de-activated, or set to a reduced output, shortly after the air has been purified.

      Note: Ozone gas does not counteract airborne particulates such as pollen, dust, pet dander &c.: it is anions that accomplish this.  To view details of our effective, negative air ionizing product for home, office & holiday use, please actuate the following, 'Anion Air Ionizer'.