Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

Solid State Amplifier

         The photograph shows a solid state, stereo, power amplifier designed by a member of our audio, engineering crew.


         The unit measures 60mm x 240mm x 300mm wide, it can deliver an average power of 10 watts into a pair of 15 ohm loudspeakers & operates over an impressively flat frequency bandwidth ranging from 20Hz to 40KHz.   The active components within are of  the germanium metalloid which reacts more readily to changes in electrical impulse than the silicon alternative; as a result, crossover distortion is almost completely eliminated.   Each channel is, in its entirety, a single, directly coupled, differential amplifying network sustaining an overall high level of circuit stability which serves to promote audio fidelity.   Square wave symmetry is good.  Damping Factor @ 40Hz ... > 50. 

          The unit is rather unique in that the production of germanium based semiconductors has today almost entirely expired; as a result we do not produce this model for sale.


                                                                                                                 Image for UK00002542856 UK  

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