Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

Tetrode Tube Amplifier

          The photograph shows our 'one tuber', stereo, power amplifier assembly utilizing 6V6GT beam power tetrodes - the classic, all American, 'farmhouse' table-top radio tube.

        This model differs from that described under 'Vacuum Tube Amplifier', in that it produces a more mellow & somewhat subdued tonal nuance owing partly to an inherent beam tetrode characteristic - the elevated, prevalent second harmonic.*  By contrast, the EL84 version is influenced in some measure by its diminished, yet sufficiently vocal third harmonic contributing a note of crispness & sparkle to the overall result.  Both units are considered fine performers & will provide good service: they exemplify the widely desired tonal qualities of feedback free designs.

  -     Power Bandwidth (DIN 45-500):  2Wav + 2Wav over               30Hz to 16KHz into 8 ohm loads with 6Vrms input signals.

  -     Power Consumption:  47 Watts.

        The height of this model can reach 6 1/2" (165mm) if ST style, shoulder shaped tubes are fitted (subject to availability).  

        With exception of the aforementioned details, that which is stated under 'Vacuum Tube Amplifier', inclusive of price, applies to this assembly also; it is therefore important when making your purchase to please specify which model has been selected.  Feel free to 'Contact' us, & note that this chassis comes in two optional colours: anodized black & anodized red.  The transformer cover & base-plate are black.  Please visit the 'Photo Gallery'.

    *  Owing to the influence of the beam 'forming' plates & careful, physical alignment of the control grid & screen grid helices.