Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

Tetrode Tube Amplifier

          The photograph shows our 'one tuber', stereo, power amplifier assembly utilizing 6V6GT beam power tetrodes.


          This model differs from that described under 'Vacuum Tube Amplifier', in that it produces a more mellow & somewhat subdued tonal nuance owing partly to an inherent beam tetrode characteristic - the elevated, prevalent second harmonic.*  By contrast, the EL84 version is influenced in some measure by its diminished, yet sufficiently vocal third harmonic contributing a note of crispness & sparkle to the overall result.  Both units are considered fine performers & will provide good service: they exemplify the widely desired tonal qualities of feedback free designs.

  -      Power Bandwidth (DIN 45-500):  2Wav + 2Wav over 30Hz to 16KHz into                                                             8 ohm loads with 6Vrms input signals.

  -    Power Consumption:  47 Watts.

       With exception of the aforementioned details, that which is stated under 'Vacuum Tube Amplifier', inclusive of price, applies to this assembly also; it is therefore important when making your purchase to please specify which model has been selected.  Feel free to 'Contact' us, & note that this chassis comes in two optional colours: anodized black & anodized red.  Its transformer cover & base plate are black.

   *  Owing to the influence of the beam 'forming' plates & careful, physical alignment of the control grid & screen grid helices.      


                                                     Grippeaz-UK / Ilissus Audio

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