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The Cuddly Bear

              The photograph is of a handsome young bear named

Ushko who resides at the 'Arcturos' brown bear sanctuary in

northern Greece.  When Ushko was a cub in the wild, he

sustained a lower spinal injury which rendered him paralyzed

below the waist; as a result he had to drag himself along using

his fore-legs; but Ushko never gave up on life - he's a fighter.

Brought to the sanctuary, he was 'fitted' with a means to

trundle along happily.  His zest for life & bubbly, playful

nature are an inspiration.  This remarkable young bear has re-kindled hope & self belief in so many who

have come to know his story.

             We also give thought to those fine individuals, throughout the world, who give so much of

themselves for the wellbeing of others.




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