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The Winsome Dolphin

          Dolphins are wonderfully intelligent & convivial creatures, their lives are a constant happening filled with fun & contentment.  I remember once having been told a yarn, many years ago by a young merchant naval officer, about a dolphin & a shipwrecked sailor whose life it saved by carrying him to safety.  Sadly though, these keenly sensitive & delightful animals all too often get snagged in fishing nets resulting in their drowning; others are murdered mercilessly in their masses by angry fishermen for acutely locating & indulging in bait-balls & other shoals - one among us has witnessed this - it's a terrifying carnage inflicted on the defenceless.  Dolphins only follow their natural instincts: they too must eat.  To learn more & ask any questions, please click on the link below.  Both we & WWF-UK value your support.

        Adopt a Dolphin


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