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Tube Power Amplifier

          The photograph below shows a 'one tuber' - a single ended, stereo, power amplifier utilizing just one 'spud' per channel.  Designed & produced exclusively within the United Kingdom by accomplished engineers, this model, crafted to order, is of the type in which just three components lie in series with the audio signal path to attain near optimum musical reproduction.  The output transformers * (also designed in-house) are of premium grade, well proportioned & elegantly interleaved to secure adequate magnetic coupling.  The amplifier can deliver an average 5W ** into a pair of 8 ohm loudspeakers & has an input sensitivity of 3Vrms.  The design is such that the second harmonic component is promoted whilst higher orders are attenuated; the overall characteristic sound reproduced has been likened to that which was ubiquitous during the era of vintage wireless. 

         Tubes:  EL84 Output Pentodes.

         Zin:  > 150,000 ohms.

         Feedback:  0dB  (decreasing distortion complexity).

         Tube Biasing Method:  Self.

         Output Transformer Lp 24H @ 30Hz. 

         D. C. Fuse250mA, anti-surge.

         Power Consumption:  55 Watts.

         Power Bandwidth (DIN 45-500):  2.5Wav + 2.5Wav over 30Hz to 16KHz into 8 ohm loads with 3Vrms input signals. 


         Recommended Loudspeaker Sensitivity:  93dB - 98dB.  Never operate the unit without loudspeakers connected.


         Unit dimensions:  W 14 3/4" (375mm), D 4" (102mm),  H 4 3/4" (121mm). 

        The amplifier comes complete with fitted, protective base-plate & cover (not shown).  The electronic component parts of the assembly are connected by method of point-to-point & the overall stylish, 'in-line' construction facilitates bookshelf (or other practical) placement.  The amplifier is sold complete with a modish, smokey grey, toughened glass plinth consonant with contemporary furnishings. 




         HIGH VOLTAGE WARNING!  Under no circumstances should any component part of the assembly be dismantled.  In the event of a problem, disconnect from the power source & 'Contact' us or a qualified technician. 



        The 5-pin DIN line input socket is preferred over RCA for earthing considerations.

         The 2-pin DIN loudspeaker sockets are favoured over other options for their practical convenience, & although somewhat restrictive in terms of accommodating sizeable cable gauges, it should be noted that in our experience it is the quality of copper conductor that determines the end result, not its mass.  A 10m length of 1mm diameter, good grade copper conductor is adequate to deliver audio fidelity.




          We offer the options of anodized black chassis (view 'Photo Gallery') & 4 ohm output impedances.  We also produce a 'Tetrode Tube Amp' version. 


          A one year warranty is given, covering any production defects, & every unit is tested & inspected prior to being packed & dispatched.  Postage is recorded/tracked.  As a consumer you are entitled to a full refund should the amplifier fail independently within thirty days of receipt; moreover if not completely satisfied you may return your amplifier within fourteen days of receipt for a full refund in accordance with the 'Distance Selling Regulations'.  The assembly must arrive back to us in pristine condition & please note, we do not refund the return carriage.





          We sell this product almost exclusively to U. K. residents - we do not export other than to a limited number of selected destinations.


         To purchase one of our vacuum tube amplifiers, please select 'Buy Now - Tube Amp.'.  The price of a single unit is £770, which includes packing & delivery charges within the United Kingdom.  Alternatively we will accept a £100 non-refundable deposit, the balance of £670 to be paid on completion of the order.  We forward photographs of the finished article for approval prior to full settlement.  When making your purchase it is important to specify which model has been selected, ie. EL84 or 6V6. 





          Do 'Contact' us with any questions you may have. 

   *    Select 'Output Transformers' for further details.

   **  Select 'Audio Power Output' for more information.



                                                                                                                Grippeaz-UK / Ilissus Audio 


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